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Create a Ripple Effect!

The work you do on yourself creates a ripple effect. It can have a profound effect on you and those around you. It allows you to live more consciously, make empowering choices, helps deepen and strengthen your relationships with others, brings greater abundance and prosperity to all areas of your life, allows you to live with more meaning and purpose.
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Coaching means you are truly honoured from the depth of your soul and everything in your life is considered. It allows your core, or inner self, to truly be heard. This process is about being fully conscious and alive.

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Do you often feel that life is just too hard and too painful? Are you trying to cope with Depression and feel like just giving up? As a Holistic Counsellor, I offer support to help you deal with whatever difficulties you are facing day to day.

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Trauma Counselling

Trauma Counselling helps you to heal and resolve feelings, emotions, disturbing thoughts and also the physiological symptoms you may experience during or after a traumatic event or unresolved childhood trauma.

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