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“Jackie is an INCREDIBLE coach! Her strength comes from her ability to intuit what’s needed in each session. Whether it was an empathetic ear or knowing when to be strong with me, there was just the right balance. Specifically, Jackie showed me where I was playing the victim in my life and in what areas this was disempowering me. She brought me back into my power – and with it, a sense of fun that had been missing for so long. Jackie combined strength, focus, compassion and HUGE! amounts of love to give me an understanding of what I was doing to create the rocky road I was on and, in turn, gave me the tools and support to choose a more empowering way. Thank-you Jackie!”
– Izabella Hunt

“I signed up with Jackie initially because I wanted someone to prod me past the hurdles towards my dreams. What actually happened was we discovered all sorts of interesting blocks I was creating to stop myself from achieving anything special – like improving my financials, finding love and of course, living my dream. Jackie’s strength, intuition, nurturing and gentle humour helped me move through the blocks and concentrate on living the life I deserve. I really appreciated that I could call or email her at any time if I felt I needed the support – and I did. I now know I will call on Jackie the next time I feel stuck or a little lost – or if I just want a prod past some hurdles….”
– Ruth Ingham – The Blue House Victoria

“I saw Jackie for around 12 months and in that time had many breakthroughs in my life, especially around relationships and creative pursuits. As a result of the work I did with Jackie, I am now engaged to be married – having dealt with the Fear of Commitment! – and have released my first solo music CD which I’d been planning, but not completing for years! Jackie is the best coach I’ve been to by far.”
– Michael Hole, Singer, Songwriter – Glebe NSW

“Working with Jackie has given me the confidence to be myself and to trust my judgement and to set and achieve goals that are important to me. As I came across roadblocks, Jackie was there to support, encourage & steer me in the direction I wanted to head. Along the way, I’ve learnt to be true to myself and to be considerate of others – all in all, to be a much better human being. Thank you, Jackie, for facilitating the way!!”
– Dushan Silva

“What have I gained from having a life coach? – A firm belief that it’s great being me – mad, complicated, very, very special me! Coaching has given me the framework to look at my real issues, not those I thought were causing me to respond to situations in my daily life. Through my sessions with Jackie I have learned to explore what restricts my freedom and set myself free to be the person I want to be. I have no need to tell the world I don’t have time, I have no desire to fight the wrongs of the past. I’m too busy living and loving life – thank you Jackie for giving me ME!”
– Nicole Cook – CIMA, London, UK