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Case Studies

Holistic Counselling can empower you

For example, a young male client has suffered from depression for a number of years. He has been on anti-depressants since he was sixteen. I began working with him when he was twenty three. He came to me because he felt his life was going nowhere and he was struggling to motivate himself. Many days he simply wanted to just stay in bed.

What we discovered

After working with him for a short time I understood that his depression was anger he felt towards others turned back in on himself. Throughout his adolescence he had felt powerless. His stepfather was a bully. He never felt he could fight back against this physically strong man. He was also bullied by kids at school. His experiences had made him feel isolated, lonely and extremely helpless.

He was also deeply hard on himself and had a strong inner critic. He had high expectations of how he “should behave” and what he “should do” with his life.

The result

I worked with him to help him feel comfortable expressing the deep rage he felt towards the other boys from school – and his Stepfather. He has begun the process of learning to express his anger in a healthy way within a therapeutic environment.

The depression is starting to lift as the feelings of anger are released and not turned inwards. He’s starting to find clarity around what he wants to do with his life and the energy to actually get on and do it.

Transformational Life coaching can make you feel good about yourself and your life.

As your coach, I work with you to identify what you want personally and professionally. Then I support you in achieving goals that are heartfelt and meaningful to you.

For example, when one client first came to see me she was always being passed over for promotions at work. Colleagues whom she felt were less qualified and skilled than her were being promoted over her. She also wanted to be in a relationship but believed “there were no good men out there”.

What we did

By working on her self esteem issues she began to progressively rise through the ranks quite quickly with her current employer. Then, she realised the company she was working for didn’t really fit her true, core values. We worked on identifying and creating her ideal job.

To address her relationship goal we worked on breaking down her limiting belief that there were no good men left out there for her. She realised she was responsible for bringing a great man into her life. First she had to believe that was possible. Then she had to “be” the kind of person who felt deserving of having a great man and a great relationship. Her attitude shifted quickly. She started going to singles events with a revitalized energy and met her future husband.

The result

At the end of our fifteen months together she was married and had just started a new job with a new company that was more in tune with who she now is as a person. She was employed in a more senior position and was being paid $40K more than her previous position.

She achieved her goals but more importantly she had a greater understanding of who she is as a whole person and what her true values are.

Business coaching helps people believe they can be successful.

Over the years I have discovered many professional people and business owners do not have a strong belief in themselves and what they can achieve. They often don’t feel deserving of success.

For example, one client has run his Plumbing Business for over thirty years. He was still struggling with cash flow problems when we met.


Initially we looked at business planning, marketing strategies, improving his conversion rate when quoting, systemising his business and changing his quoting and invoicing system from hand written to electronic.

Every time we came up with a strategy to address a problem he agreed it was a good idea but didn’t get around to implementing it. When we dug deeper, we found he already felt overwhelmed by all he had to do.

His life and his business were already riddled with ‘should dos’ and ‘must dos’. He was resistant to taking on more. He often felt like a failure and beat himself up about what he hadn’t done and the mistakes he had made in his business.

Deep down he didn’t feel deserving of having money flow to him or running a successful business. He was also afraid of conflict and had no proper employment contracts. His contractors often took advantage of him. It was generally a recipe for disaster – and not an uncommon one at that.


By working at a deeper level around his belief systems about money, his business, himself and his fears around conflict, he began to manage his contractors in a more business-like manner. He gained more confidence and began to take on more complex jobs.

I’ve been working with him for about eighteen months now. His average job has increased from $3,000 to $30,000 – with some jobs worth $70-80K. He feels better about himself and he believes the money he pays for business coaching is worth every cent.